Environmental Hazards And Remedial Measures

            Earth is the beautiful planet on which several living beings are surviving, and it consists of valuable ores, minerals and other natural resources that can help the humans in making various useful things. Such earth has been undergoing with pollution effect that is changing the life of the living beings on the earth. Many things have been under consideration as the environmental hazards which are not preferable for the safe and happy life. The plants, animals, birds, insects, human beings and many other organisms survive on the earth, and all these together constitute the environment.

People to make their survival perform various activities and for their development they have been establishing the industries, companies, and other sources that can help them to earn real incomes. Unfortunately while doing these things they are ignoring the minimum fundamentals that they have to take care of the environment which is providing all the essentials to the human world. The primary factors that are affecting the environment and proving to be hazardous for the living beings include:

  • Industrial growth
  • Interest in urbanization
  • Polluting water sources
  • High usage of chemicals
  • Increase in using the non-disposable materials like plastics
  • Mining and extraction
  • Diversion of canals for human purposes
  • Tree removal and deforestation etc.

These are only a few factors that are affecting the environment with tree pruning Perth, and there are much more that are influencing either directly or indirectly. Most of the people move from rural areas to urban areas for their survival and for accommodations they need to adopt deforestation. Otherwise, it cannot be possible for the people to have space in cities and towns. They need to cut off the trees in the outskirts and have to clean up to make it suitable for living.

It can be the responsibility of the people to increase the greenery around them by planting more plants. The trees and plants can help the people in reducing the pollution and increase the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. The industries are one of the reasons for the severe pollution as they are releasing the toxic gasses into the air and water causing different types of pollution. The local governing bodies should take necessary steps to prevent such toxic materials which can affect the health of the people. Industrial development is important, but at the same time, environmental safety is also equally preferable.

Due to these environmental hazards, the whole world is suffering from the severe issue like global warming. To reduce such effects, planting more trees is the small solution and people have to play the key role and include their participation in developing greenery around them. They can use the tree lopping techniques and other methods for improving the life of the plants and trees with stump grinding in Perth WA. Unless people cannot feel responsible and the governments can support with their remedial measures it can be tough to restrict these hazards and to control the problem of global warming.