Does it happen to you often when you buy a specific ingredient only to find out that you have only used it in one recipe and it is lying there in your pantry and you don’t know what to do about it? Well, worry no more; if that ingredient is spiral miso, we are here to tell you several ways you can use that jar in. Let’s find out different ways in which you can use that bottle of jar of spiral miso kept in the cabinet.

  1. Salad Dressings

If you are someone who loves to try different types of salads with new salad dressings, spiral miso is that one ingredient which you should use right now. Miso adds a lovely savory taste to vinaigrette. If you are planning to make salad for two, whisk together a table spoon of wine vinegar and a few spoons of extra virgin oil and a tea spoon of spiral miso paste to enhance the flavor even more.

  1. Main Course Soup

When it comes to talking about miso, miso soup is something that often comes to in one’s mind. The traditional form of a miso soup is usually a light broth with some cubes of tofu and seaweed.

  1. As an Alternate to Soy Sauce or Salt in Seasoning

If you are out of salt or soy sauce or want to go for a different option besides these two in a seasoning, the best option to use is spiral miso which will give you even more flavor than a salt or soy sauce would in your dish.

  1. Used in a Sauce to be served with Fish or Pan Fried Meat

The best way to use spiral miso in a pan fried fish or meat is to cook the meat or fish in a little oil. Remove the pan from stove and place your protein (fish or meat) on a plate to rest. Mix a table spoon of hot water, white vinegar and two table spoons of spiral miso with the pan juice and top it over your meat/fish to be served.

  1. In stir fry’s

Miso is often commonly used in stir fry’s as it is super tasty. A bit of a delicate flavor that is incorporated by using miso over your stir fry item is always a hit. The best way to cook is to remove the stir fry item from stove before you add the secret ingredient i.e. the spiral miso.

Hope the above mentioned ideas helped you in how to utilize that bottle of jar of spiral miso that you have kept since a long time. Try and let us know if you have used any of the ideas above.