When Bells Chime?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find their soul mates and in case you do feel as though you have found the right person for yourself, then by all means you must feel free to take a moment and embrace the fact that you are in for a life time kind of love story that you will always love and cherish. Love is a wonderful feeling, and when you are in love it is much more different to simply saying you love someone for the heck of it, things are now much more vivid and intense, your feelings would be amplified and everything you feel for your significant other would be resonating within you. Enjoy that feeling while it lasts, for there comes a day when the spark fades out.

The cards you send out
The day you exchange those vows and take each other for your lawfully wedded wife or husband, would be one of the most memorable days in your life and this would be why it is a good idea to share this moment with other important people in your life. You can make a list of all the people you would want at your wedding and then go right ahead and print the invitations at a print services company that you know would do a splendid job. Make the design for the cards unique and the message written inside beautiful, it needs to convey just how wonderful the day will be and how much you value their presence at the sacred ceremony.

Treasuring the day
It is essential that you take good care to preserve the memories from this day, from the dancing with the groom’s father to an old hit song to toasting for the happy couple once the champagne is popped open. Hire a qualified photographer who would do an excellent job and it would be terrific to have an individual portrait done of just the newly wed duo with a canvas stretching in Sydney, as who would not want a goof picture of themselves form their wedding day showcasing just how happy their love for each other made them. Always remember that protecting the photographs is essential, as this is going to act as one of the few tangible tokens of that good day.

Living life together
Well after the wedding bells ring and the rice from the guests are swept away and the people stop congratulating you – it will sink in that you are now not alone anymore. You have someone who will hold your hand, kiss your forehead and constantly remind you that you are loved and they you do not have to face the difficulties in life alone anymore. They will always be there, your safety blanket.

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